Check which rule is not fullfiled in jQuery validate plugin

Written by  on October 25, 2011

Recently, I have encountered a situation where I used jQuery validation plugin and needed to know which of validation rules are failing. After asking this[...]

Deserialize form from JSON data using jQuery

Written by  on July 10, 2011

Recently, I got task to make feature which will make possible for user to update form data based on some unique “search” field (like VIN or[...]

Autocompleting cascading dropdowns

Written by  on July 3, 2011

  Starting point for this post is source code for last one, available on bitbucket. I want to replace dropdown list with jQuery autocomplete, like[...]

ASP.NET MVC3 app (part 3) – ajax cascading dropdown–unobtrusive version

Written by  on June 10, 2011

  In part 2, I made cascading dropdowns by calling selectFromAjax javascript function from my view: This function has 3 arguments: address of service[...]

ASP.NET MVC3 app (part 2) – ajax cascading dropdown

Written by  on June 9, 2011

  To make cascading dropdowns in application from part 1, I created ProductFilter: I will use this class as model for my home controller Index method: Here[...]

ASP.NET MVC3 app (part 1) – Entity Framework and code first

Written by  on June 9, 2011

How often you need to have cascading choices on UI in order to make your application user friendly? In my experience, almost every modern application has[...]

Fix selected tab in SharePoint top links menu

Written by  on July 21, 2010

Fastest way to accomplish this is to use jquery! function fixTabs(){ $.each($(".customNavTabActive"), function()[...]